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DStv Installer Pretoria

Struggling with your DStv Installation in Pretoria? Maybe you’ve just got DStv, and need an installer to set it up? Or you’re relocating to another property. And you would like to take your DStv with? No matter what your needs are. We are the best installers for you. DStv Installer Pretoria provide every service MultiChoice has to offer. From DStv Installations in Pretoria. To Repairs. Upgrades. Commercial. And Communal. We provide them all. No matter how big. Or small the job is. DStv Installer Pretoria can do it!

Minimum Requirements For DStv Installations Pretoria

How well your DStv installation is done, will directly affect the performance of your DStv when watching. That’s why it’s important to use DStv Accredited Installers like DStv Installer Pretoria. And in order for your DStv to run at all. You need to make sure you have the minimum requirements which is the following: 80cm Satellite Dish. Smart LNB. DStv Decoder. And an active DStv subscription.




Services We Offer

Our services include Decoder Installations. Explora 2 Installations. Satellite Installations. Communal Installations. Commercial Installations. Home Theatre Installations. Dish Installations. XtraView Installations. HD Decoder Installations. TripleView Installations. Surround Sound Installations and Explora Installations.

New DStv

New DStvFor New DStv Installations in Pretoria, Pretoria, give DStv Installers Joburg a call. We provide New DStv Installations in Pretoria. Explora and Explora 2 Installations in Pretoria. DStv Relocations in Pretoria. Standard HD DStv Installations in Pretoria. And loads more installation services.


XtraViewTired of fighting for control over who get’s to watch what when? We provide DStv XtraView Installations in Pretoria. XtraView allows you to watch two separate channels, in two separate rooms. At the same time. Now hubby can watch what he wants to watch. And wifey can watch what she wants to watch.


TripleViewWe offer DStv TripleView Installations in Pretoria. Like XtraView, DStv TripleView allows you to watch three separate DStv channels. In three separate rooms. All at the same time. It’s the ideal setup, now wifey can watch what she wants to watch. Hubby watches hi channels. And the kids can watch their channels.

Dish Installations

Dish InstallationsWhen it comes to the best signal, DStv Installations Pretoria are the experts. We provide DStv Satellite Dish Installations in Pretoria, positioning your satellite for the best signal. And crystal clear viewing.


CommercialCommercial DStv Installations in Pretoria is used by a wide range of businesses and industries in Pretoria. Including, retail stores. Hotels. Guest Houses. Lodges. Restaurants. Bars. Night Clubs. Corporates. And more…


CommunalCommunal DStv Installations in Pretoria is ideal for properties. Having a communal DStv setup means you not only keep your property looking good, without the clutter of satellite dishes.

At DStv Accredited Installer Pretoria. We’re passionate about what we do. This is not a job for us. It’s our passion. And you’ll notice this in our work. DStv Installer Pretoria never sacrifice quality. And we will never leave your home. Or your business without the task at hand completed to your satisfaction. So why to settle for less. When you can get the best. For allot less. Contact DStv Installer Pretoria.

DStv Minimum Requirements

IMPORTANT INFO: In order for your DStv to work well, they way you would want it to work. You need to make sure that you have the minimum requirements. Which is an 80 cm Satellite Dish. DStv Smart LNB. DStv Decoder and of course at active subscription to DStv. You also need to insure your installation is carried out by a DStv Accredited Installer, like DStv Installer Pretoria.

DStv Voucher Installations

Have you bought your DStv from Makro. Game Stores. Dion Wired. Incredible Connection. Pick ‘n Pay Hyper or PEP Stores? If you have then give us a call, DStv Installer Pretoria can help you with your DStv Installation in Pretoria. Just give us a call on 071-749-0920 or send an email to info[at]dstvinstallpretoria.co.za.

NEW DStv TripleView

Have you heard about DStv TripleView. Before with XtraView, you could only watch two separate channels on two separate TV’s. In two separate rooms. All at the same time. But now there’s DStv TripleView which means you can watch three separate channels. On three separate TV’s. In three separate rooms. All at the same time. The only catch is, the primary decoder must be an Explora. Or Explora 2 decoder. The best part of TripleView is the price. Only R85 per unit. That means: Your current DStv subscription fee + R 85 for second decoder. +R 85 for third decoder. So it would look something like this R 795 + 85 + 85 = R965.

Contact DStv Installer Pretoria

Visit the DStv Installer Pretoria page to find out more about who we are and what our business is all about. The DStv Installer page to read more about this service and what it offers. Communal DStv Installations page to read more about this service and what it offers. Visit the DStv Decoders page to read more about the DStv decoder options available. Contact DStv Installer Pretoria page for all our contact information or to send us your inquiry.

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